Kawhi Not

In Good Hands Some people are born to do a certain job. Kawhi Leonard is built for basketball. Kawhi Leonard is built for playing defense and scoring on offense. He is affectionately known as the claw because his hands are as big as Shaquille O’Neal’s – his wingspan is off the charts too. In The […]

Saying Thank You To Your Superstars

Do you love everything about sports? Is your love as tender as first love – when the team struggles do you take it on the chin like unrequited love? Do you have a favorite team? Do you have multiple players that captivate you and is choosing between them as tough as being a parent of […]

What Sports Taught Me About People… And Myself

I grew up in the international school system in Copenhagen. From kindergarten to the 3rd grade I was in the English class – as if I was born to write in English and thrust into it at age five. Maybe by some cosmic magic or divine intervention I was just meant to write in English. […]

Gorillas in the Fist – Conor McGregor and Racism in Sports

As an African who grew up in Denmark – I’m naturally sensitive to my people being depicted as monkeys. I once was in Poland on vacation at a basketball court of all places – where I was greeted with monkey noises. So they loved basketball a game dominated by blacks and yet hated Africans? That […]