Saying Thank You To Your Superstars

Do you love everything about sports? Is your love as tender as first love – when the team struggles do you take it on the chin like unrequited love? Do you have a favorite team? Do you have multiple players that captivate you and is choosing between them as tough as being a parent of […]

What Sports Taught Me About People… And Myself

I grew up in the international school system in Copenhagen. From kindergarten to the 3rd grade I was in the English class – as if I was born to write in English and thrust into it at age five. Maybe by some cosmic magic or divine intervention I was just meant to write in English. […]

Gorillas in the Fist – Conor McGregor and Racism in Sports

As an African who grew up in Denmark – I’m naturally sensitive to my people being depicted as monkeys. I once was in Poland on vacation at a basketball court of all places – where I was greeted with monkey noises. So they loved basketball a game dominated by blacks and yet hated Africans? That […]