Gorillas in the Fist – Conor McGregor and Racism in Sports

As an African who grew up in Denmark – I’m naturally sensitive to my people being depicted as monkeys. I once was in Poland on vacation at a basketball court of all places – where I was greeted with monkey noises. So they loved basketball a game dominated by blacks and yet hated Africans? That leads to my question – does Conor McGregor hate Africans – I found myself initially rooting against him after racism allegations but is he really a racist?

Race tensions were used to drum up ratings for the McGregor – Mayweather boxing match – and it made me reflect ahead of another big McGregor bout with Khabib.

Did he really say it?
Question one did he say it at all, Floyd says so and it got me all caught up in my feelings. But who is more detrimental for the black community in America – a community I’m not a part of might I add – a loud-mouthed Irishman who calls blacks names or a multiple domestic violence offender like Maymeather. Someone who preaches materialism and mocks people who don’t have as much money as he does-

Floyd the instigator
Floyd is all about provocation – he tried to rally people on his side before the fight. Money Mayweather – the media genius tried to get the fight buzzing and may hate McGregor so much that he is willing to ruin the man’s reputation in the black community – it almost worked.

Can you call blacks “boy”?
I advised a friend who has a comedy series on YouTube to avoid calling a black character “boy”. This is once again a very American problem where boy is associated with slavery. In truth should we all loosen up. In McGregor’s case – I think objectively that he thinks Floyd is an asshole and not a black asshole. But what about his history.

Dancing monkeys scandal
Conor allegedly called some black boxers dancing monkeys in an interview. Although this caused an uproar – a little digging and I found he might have been talking about literal monkeys. I can’t find evidence that he really is a racist. I would say he is somewhere closer to indifferent about blacks – and he thinks their money is as good as anyone else’s. He is no racist – he is a materialist – you know like Money Mayweather.

I forgive you Conor – the evidence is inconclusive. I don’t have time and energy to worry about if I’m seen as a monkey. I’ll be that monkey with the master’s degree who has been published in the UK as well as Denmark – and hey I wonder what the guys who were making monkey noises at me are doing now. Heck, I’ll forgive them too.
For me.

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