Kawhi Not

In Good Hands

Some people are born to do a certain job. Kawhi Leonard is built for basketball. Kawhi Leonard is built for playing defense and scoring on offense. He is affectionately known as the claw because his hands are as big as Shaquille O’Neal’s – his wingspan is off the charts too.

In The 6 With His Woes

What are you born for and built for? Where is the intersection between skill and passion? Sports can teach us how to use what we are good at and combine it with what we love to do – sports can lead us on the path to getting paid for what we would do anyway. If of course we are afforded the opportunity!

Some of us have things we love to do, that we have to quit. So if your dreams are in walking distance – if you can see them in your visions – put on your running shoes and go get it. You could be the next Kawhi Leonard.

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