Our Family Legacies – A Sports Case Study

As important as it is to remember what our parents do – we must also remember what our parents would do if they had all the opportunities we have. My parent – my beloved mom made ends meet and I’ll be forever grateful to her, she now has a job she loves and is good at and I can’t help but think that her skill-set and people skills could have been even more valuable in the Danish setting than in the Tanzanian reality she grew up in.

Following footsteps is another things that is natural – but we have the choice to not blindly reproduce negative traits.

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Sports give us great lessons on doing better than our parents who were good at something. The latest example is Steph Curry – son of NBA veteran Dell Curry. I would take it a generation back and point to the meniachal work-ethic of a Kobe Bryant who took the headstart he got from his father NBA player Joe Jellybean Bryant – and left a trail of destruction in terms of basketball success.

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Are you like one or both of your parents?

Do they have characterisitics you want to emulate or run from?


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